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Navy Yard Restaurants Lead Eaterie Boom

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If you live or visit Washington, D.C., often or even occasionally, then you have noticed the navy yard restaurants that have exploded in recent years, and even months. 

Indeed, the nation's capital city has become more than just stuffy congressional offices and government entities; it has become a residential and tourist hot spot that has dwarfed the growth of culinary institutions in other major U.S. cities. 

Specifically fuling the dining growth of the nation’s capital are restaurants near the Navy Yard, D.C., a prime location for recreation on the Capitol Riverfront; a fast-growing urban neighborhood nestled between two major event stadiums. 

Upscale and Welcoming Dining Establishments

One of the major players in the boom of restaurants near the navy yard, D.C., is an upscale but still welcoming establishment called Jackie. Guests at this dining franchise, thus far, have been drawn particularly to the comfortable and approachable atmosphere of Jackie while still approaching the ultra classy and sophisticated ambiance…qualities that do not normally coexist together in the culinary world. 

However, they go hand in hand at Jackie’s navy yard restaurant, providing the customer with the ideal mix of both worlds. Giving people a new way to enjoy American cuisine, Jackie also houses a strong thematic element, the feeling and gaze of the iconic couple,  Jackie Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy.

The concept behind the Navy Yard Restaurant 

The owners of JACKIE have made art and design a vital priority when putting together their popular navy yard restaurant, placing importance on specifically themed elements. Dining patrons will immediately feel a blast from the past with the Jackie O and JFK themes. 

As one of the navy yard restaurants, JACKIE’s interior gives off an iconic and sophisticated vibe, for sure, incorporating historical concepts with meticulously art pieces, in the realm of the historic and timely relations between the United States and the USSR during JFK’s presidential term. 

Art crafted by hand is carefully selected, as is the furniture, which itself is impressive and imported for specific reasons, from regions of the world like Berlin, Bosnia, New York, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania. Most of these arts and crafts are selected to give the navy yard restaurant walls and other rooms a relaxing place to see and be seen in world-famous Washington, D.C.

What Inspired the Jackie O and JFK Themes?

Sometimes, while guests are dining at this navy yard restaurant, they wonder why President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O are the main themes of the restaurant. They often ask what inspired such a unique, and fitting idea. And they are not alone. 

JACKIE is designed to be a restaurant near the navy yard, D.C.,  styled with mid-century, modern finishings; the restaurant's art is selected for a reason, to provoke an iconic atmosphere, particularly the design scheme that robustly takes the customer back to the timelessness of the era of when JFK was President and sophistication was trendy. The ambiance is upscale and trendy but still gives off a super comfortable, low-key vibe.